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Denver School Insights responds to the community’s request for transparency by showcasing academic trends, whole child supports, educator demographics, and other important information about schools.

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About the Tool

This tool is designed for policy makers, civic leaders and education advocates to find public information about Denver Public Schools (DPS) in one place. This tool will allow those groups to more easily:

Develop policy ideas to support Denver’s public school students

Partner with and support the school communities they represent

Locate opportunities to partner with and support DPS and enhance the connections between city, state and federal resources and our public schools

This tool has been co-created alongside a robust community engagement process. Policy makers, civic leaders, advocates, educators, students and families have provided valuable feedback and will continue to engage in strengthening this tool and the information it contains.

Participating organizations and individuals include:



Shift 23 Student Group

RootED Denver

Gary Community Ventures

Colorado Succeeds

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